4 Ways to Optimize Your Curls

4 Ways to Optimize Your Curls

Use a microfiber hair towel

Microfiber towels are highly recommended for drying your hair rather than using a conventional towel. This is because microfiber towels create less friction when drying your hair and they also are a lot more absorbent than regular towels. This is great for your curls because not only will your hair be dry quicker, but less friction = less frizz. Simply incorporating a microfiber towel into your hair routine will improve your curls, leaving them bouncy and with little to no frizz. These towels also won’t snag your curls as much, leaving their beautiful shape intact.

Use a Wide-Toothed Comb

Using a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush is a must. Regular hair brushes are harsh and break up your curls, but wide-toothed combs are perfect for detangling curly hair without breaking those precious curls. You can even use it in the shower to detangle your hair easier with conditioner.

Use a Natural Mousse
Mousse is a great product for your curly hair because it helps to sculpt and hold your curls shape. Our new Curl Defining Mousse features chamomile, witch hazel, silk protein, bamboo extract, and more. This alcohol free natural mousse is perfect for defining your natural curls as well as tame frizz, strengthen hair, and adding luster.

Sleep With Your Hair Up

All curly-haired people know that sleeping on your hair and flatten and misshape your curls, leaving your hair looking a little wonky when you wake up in the morning. A great tip is to avoid sleeping on your hair. You can just throw your hair up in a loose pony or bun and sleep the night away. Be sure to place your hair on the crown of your head for best results and you’ll wake up the next morning with undamaged curls!

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