Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair

Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair

Almonds are not only a healthy food to fuel your body, but the oil extracted from them also does wonders for your hair and skin. It is packed with nutrients, making it a powerhouse for giving you the best hair you’ve ever had. Check out these benefits of using almond oil for your hair.

Makes Hair Softer and Shinier

Incorporating almond oil into your hair routine will hydrate your hair, making the texture smoother and softer. The fatty acids in it will also restore your shine and luster and leave your hair feeling amazing

Strengthens and Repairs

This powerful oil penetrates your shaft better than most oils and because of this, sinks in and repairs damaged hair. The high fat content can also strengthen those strands against heat styling damage. Apply some on the ends of your hair to treat split ends

Treats Scalp Problems

Almond oil isn’t just great for your hair, it’s also great for your scalp. Those fatty acids can help moisturize your scalp if you have dry scalp. Not only that but the vitamins found in almond oil can also help soothe your scalp irritation.

We use almond oil in a number of our hair products for all of these reasons and more! 

Our Easy Wash Day Bundle features our Sweet Alcoco Hydration & Repair Shampoo, Leave-in Conditioner, and Repair Mask. Each of these are packed with natural ingredients and of course, almond oil. Use these nutrient rich products and watch the implementation of almond oil do it’s thing, leaving you with healthy, smooth hair.
Don’t forget about about Moisturizing and Sealing Cream! With almond oil the star of the show, this is designed to retain and lock in moisture for your hair.

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