Dealing With Curls That Have Multiple Textures, Patterns, & Personalities

Having multiple curl patterns is more “normal” that you think. There are a lot of contributing factors to your curl pattern like hair texture, lifestyle (do you pull the top back all the time), weather, and just general genetics.

Identifying this issue, is as simple as taking a good look at your hair. Hair that suffers from this disorder will have multiple curl patterns or different textures and may shrink unevenly.

One of the best ways to know if you have multiple curl patterns in your hair is after a wash and go when you can clearly see your curls.

Please note that just because your hair doesn’t curl evenly doesn’t mean you can’t wear your hair naturally! There are ways to either help uniform the curl a bit more, or just work with the multiple curl patterns and let them look beautiful in all their natural glory!

1. Hydrate Curls

First things first. Always make sure your hair is not suffering from moisture or hydration deficiency. All parts of your hair should be evenly moisturized If you are experiencing dry and damaged hair, damaged meaning; split ends, over processing from hair color and other weather related damage can have an effect on your overall curl pattern. Getting regular trims when needed and deep conditioning with HYDRATION REPAIR MASK can only help your curls.

2. Consider All Different Textures

When styling your hair, it’s necessary to consider all of the different textures of hair on your head as they may have different needs. Tightly coiled patterns will require more moisturizing or more styling product to hold a defined curl, whereas the looser curl pattern may become weighed down easily. So less moisturizing might be needed.

3. Be Creative With Styling

If you are particular about making your curl patterns blend, consider during wash and gos to use stretching methods such as banding, braid outs or twist outs on the sections with tighter curls to even out the lengths. when your hair dries. You could also set sections of your hair on flexirod with WITCH HAZEL CURL DEFINING MOUSSE if the curls hang far more loosely than the rest of your head.

4. Acceptance

Be open to accepting and learning more about all your curl patterns. Each section of your hair is unique and distinct from the others, but still uniquely beautiful, so rather than simply choosing one of the curl patterns, embrace them all.

It’s also important that you love all your curl patterns since they combine to help to create your unique curl identity. Try not to fall into the trap of loving one section of your hair and trying to make the rest of it look like the curls you so dearly love because it simply won’t happen naturally. It might require a lot of work and manipulation which ends up stressing the hair out and leading to dryness and breakage.

Having multiple curl patterns on your head in our opinion only adds to the interest of your hair and makes it that much more amazing.

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