Ensure you get in the habit of being picky about the products you put in your hair. You should wash your hair with a good quality shampoo that does not contain sulphate or parabens such as our Sweet Almond & Coconut Deep Hydration and Repair Shampoo which was careful crafted with natural ingredients to ensure your mane receives the nutrients that they deserve.  You should keep your hair and scalp clean by washing twice or three times a week making use of  a conditioner such according to your hair type post shampooing your hair such as our Sweet Almond & Coconut Deep Hydration Repair Leave-in Conditioner which was made for all hair types. Also, try to avoid using heat and heat styling tools on your mane as they can damage them which results to weak and thin hair. It is good practice to trip your hair often to get rid of splits ends.

Traditionally, conditioners ware applied every time after shampooing and then rinsed off at the end of the regimen. But with a Leave-In conditioner, you would scoop a rich amount of the Sweet Almond and Coconut Deep Hydration Repair Leave-in Conditioner to palm as needed and according to your hair type, from the middle of your hair shaft to the ends and then go about your day while the product does its work.

Products without preservatives have a high probability of spoiling and becoming harmful to use, drastically reducing the shelf life of the product. BeNice Essentials™ products use dehydroacetic acid and benzyl alcohol as preservatives. These  organic compounds are derived from plants and are commonly found in fruits, teas and essential oils. 

All BeNice Essentials™ products were specially crafted for all hair types and textures including relaxed, color-treated or texturized hair.

Sulfates are known to have bad effects on scalp causing excess stripping away of naturally occurring proteins and oils.

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