Habits To Adopt For Healthier Hair

Habits To Adopt For Healthier Hair

Natural Hair is here to stay. It is a whole awakening. People are embracing their natural curls and kinks. We are proud of this awakening, and we would like to share secrets on how to have “good hair”.

A lot of naturalistas chase after length, but the secret to length is in the health of the hair. If you can get our hair healthy; longer, thicker, shinier, and stronger hair will come with it. So, let’s discuss some tips on how to get your hair healthy.

1. it’s All In The Food

One of the key ingredients to having great hair is in what we eat. Healthy hair starts from the inside out, because hair grows from the inside of the body to the outside. Eating a balanced diet such as including fruits and veggies, proteins, and drinking lots of water daily will provide your follicles the nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and minerals needed to help your hair grow healthy.

On a side note, did you know that every strand of hair you own or could own is made of protein, this means that your hair needs protein to grow. So, when we say ” treat your hair from the inside out”, we have our reasons.

2. Avoid Tying Your Hair Too Tight

Tight ponytails and buns might be sleek and sexy, but the consistent wearing of such hairstyles causes tugs, pulls and tension on your edges and this can damage the follicles of your hair. To prevent such issues from occurring, opt to tie your ponytails a little looser, and when your hair is dry rather than wet. Hair is its weaker state when it is wet. This will prevent breakage.

3. Be Cautious Of Heat

Using too much heat improperly on your hair can often lead to damage. it could possibly lead to your hair not reverting back to its natural state because excessive-high it was applied, and it changed your hair structure. This could lead to dry, brittle hair, stripping the hair of the moisture that keeps it healthy, causing hair breakage and split ends.

If you decide to use heat, use in moderation, by making sure your hair is clean, and using heat tools in their low to medium temperature range.

4. Cleanse Hair and Scalp Regularly

A healthy environment is needed for hair to thrive. Imagine living in a house where bacterias, germs, and dirt build-up, the chances that you could get sick is high. The same goes for your hair, if the scalp is constantly dirty, or full of buildup, it could clog the pores, and slow down hair growth.

Depending on the kind of products and the number of products you use, you should e able to know when it is time to wash your hair. Our Deep Hydrating and Repair Mask has the power to deep clean your hair without stripping away the moisture that will keep your hair soft and manageable. This kind of shampoo can be used as often as need be.

Sweet Alcoco Shampoo

5. Use Sulfate-Free Products

Products that contain sulfates are bound to strip hair of its natural moisture. This will cause your hair to become dry, which will lead to brittleness and breakage. Sulfates are mostly found in Shampoos. Our shampoos the Deep Hydrating Repair Shampoo and the Activated Charcoal + Peppermint Exfoliating Shampoo are sulfate-free. They are also deep gentle cleansers that get the job done without stripping hair of its moisture.

6. Deep Condition

Deep conditioning helps to replenish moisture back into the hair. It is normal for our hair to lose moisture over time due to the harsh environments we have. Deep conditioning will help infuse moisture back into the hair, get in deeper into the hair shaft rather than just hair on its surface level. A good conditioner does the trick. Our Deep Hydration Repair Mask definitely does the trick of restoring moisture back into the hair to eliminate dryness and breakage.

Sweet Alcoco Mask

7. Trim, Trim, Trim

Somehow, a lot of us believe that if we don’t cut our hair, we are getting it to grow longer. This is partially true, but getting regular trims keeps them in a healthy shape. It prevents splits ends from working their way up the strands. Once splits end get longer the make the hair at the ends grow weak and break off. So, it is healthier to get the trims rather than having random, uneven breaks in your hair due to weakness from split ends

8. Always Detangle From Ends To Roots

Whenever you are getting tangles out of your hair, it is necessary to exercise patience. No tugging or yanking because these might lead to breakage. Also, when detangling, start from the ends and gently work your way to the roots. This will cut down on breakage.

9. Always Use Protection

Well… we mean for you to protect your hair as much as you can. Wear protective styles that will tuck your ends away, and require low manipulation. This will help retain length.

Wear silk scarf or bonnets at night to bed to keep the moisture in your hair intact. Cotton bedspreads and pillowcases suck out the moisture out of our hair and cause it to be more prone to dryness and breakage. These steps will keep your hair moisturized and manageable always.

10. Moisturize And Seal

Applying products to our hair while it is still damp is a great way to induce moisture into it, sealing in the moisture is important. Without a heavy cream or organic hair oils to seal in the moisture, the moisture will dry off and evaporate. Using a good sealing product like our Moisturizing and Sealing Cream will keep the hair hydrated and the moisture in longer.

Moisturizing Sealing Cream

11. Scalp Massages

Scalp massages help relax the hair follicles, head, and scalp. It allows easier blood circulation to the roots and scalp. The hair roots are nourished and trigger growth.

12. Reduce Stress As Much As You Can

We know it is almost impossible to eliminate stress fro your life, but as much as possible, try to reduce stress in your life. Especially stress related to hair growth and length. The best thing you can do for your hair is to relax and let blood flow through to lead to growth.

Once you focus on the health of your hair, everything else will fall into place. Healthy hair leads to length, strength, thickness gains.

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