How to Care for Dyed Hair

How to Care for Dyed Hair

We all know that hair care is important if you want your hair to look, feel, and be as healthy as possible. But hair care is even more important with dyed hair because not only does it need more help because it’s a bit more damaged, but we also want to preserve the color as much as possible. Read up on these tips for treating your colored hair.

Deep Condition More

Coloring your hair can leave it dry and damaged especially if it has been bleached. We want to get that moisture back in your hair to keep it soft, healthy, and shiny. Some great ways to do this is to use a deep conditioner, masks, hydrating shampoos, sealing creams, and oils. The products from our Deep Hydration & Repair Collection are perfect for caring for your dyed hair. The Deep Hydration Repair Shampoo will cleanse your scalp while restoring moisture to your hair, unlike other shampoos. The Deep Hydration Repair Leave-In Conditioner is the perfect conditioner to restore your hair to its silkiest state before your hair was colored. In this collection you’ll also find the Deep Hydration Repair Mask, Moisturizing and Sealing Cream, and Intense Scalp Nourishing Growth Oil.

Avoid Heat

As we all know, heat drying and styling is damaging to your hair. But for color treated hair it is even more important to try to minimize how much you use heat on your hair. This is because heat is not only damaging but causes color to fade quicker. Since we want to preserve color as long as possible, make sure to reduce how much you use heat and when you do use heat, be gentle. Also, be sure to use hydrating products to protect your hair before using heat so that you’re not putting heat on dry hair.

Wash Your Hair Less Frequently

Every time you shampoo your hair it strips your hair of oils and also color. You shouldn’t be shampooing more than 2-3 days/week and the less you do it, the longer your color will last. Play it by ear if it’s not something you’re used to. Some people build up more oil than others and find it difficult to not wash every day, plus if you’ve never gone a day without washing your hair you’ll also find yourself needing to get used to it. If need be, ease yourself into the routine by washing with conditioner at the beginning.

Avoid Chlorine

Simple enough, avoid chlorinated water! Chlorine is a harsh chemical that makes your hair color fade drastically and damages your hair, leaving it dry. If you do go swim in a pool or submerge your hair in a hot tub, make sure to rinse your hair off as soon as possible.

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