Things Only People With Curly/Coily Hair Will Understand

Things Only People With Curly/Coily Hair Will Understand

  1. Humidity is your worst enemy

2. Sleeping on wet hair is a no go

3. There’s no such thing as straightening your hair quickly

It’s gonna take at least an hour

4. Laughing at the suggested amount of hair product to use in your hair

5. Your hair getting in the way of EVERYTHING

6. Breaking hair ties on a regular basis

Therefore having to restock hair ties twice as frequently as people with straight hair

7. People telling you “Your hair looks so much better like that!” when you straighten it

8. Brushing your hair is really not a possibility

9. The fear of going to a new hair stylist because they might not cut it right

10. Wearing hats or helmets will definitely ruin your hair for the rest of the day

11. One drop of rain can be detrimental

Poof. Frizz ball

12. Bangs are way too tricky

13. The desire to go just one day without frizz

14. Waking up in the morning not knowing what you’re gonna see when you look in the mirror

15. People wanting to touch your hair

People touching it can really ruin the look you got going

16. Rolling your eyes when someone says “I wish I had your hair”

17. Once your hair goes up, you’re committed

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